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Fire Extinguishers:-  The new multi use extinguisher?

In the Past:- this is what was available

Below are some of the typical types of modern fire extinguisher and their uses.



But now there is:- Water Mist

What is Water Mist?

Traditionally plain water extinguishers work by saturating a fire and removing the heat.

That's great for paper, wood and textile fires but water can't be used on other fire types such as live electrical, fat or oil, and infact if water is used on these types of fire, it can be potentially dangerous or fatal to the operator.

That's why the industry has previously had other types of extinguisher such as Foam, Co2 or Powder to tackle these different fire risks.

The "Water Mist Extinguisher" is an exciting new multi purpose solution which can tackle:-

Class A, B, C, F and Electrical fires whilst remaining enviromentally friendly and causing minimum mess.

How does it work?

The mist droplets of water absorb large amounts of energy from the fire, leading to an immediate and rapid drop in temperature of the surrounding air and gases.

During this same process, the water mist particles increase in volume by evaporating and in doing so reduce the amount of oxygen at the sorce of the fire.

This results in the fire being extinguished quickly, efficiently and cleanly.

Isis Fire's Water Mist Extinguishers are manufactured to exacting standards, so you can rest assured that you have a quality product that won't let you down.

This is a great solutiuon for you, the customer.

You will have a reduction in the number of extinguishers required in a given location or area, and this will result in less equipment to be purchased and maintained in the future.

Cost savings, less mess, enviromentally friendly. A no lose answer to extinguishers in the future.

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