* Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

   (Various Protocols such as Apollo, Hochiki, Gent, System Sensor & Tyco.

   From a simple single zone system to a multi networked addressable solution)

* Suppression Systems (FM200, Clean Agent, Co2, Water Mist)

* Electrical & Mechanical Solutions to Full Flood Suppression

* Fire Extinguishers  (Supply, Service, Refilling, Renovation)

* Emergency Lighting (Supply, Installation & Service)

* Dry Risers & Fire Hydrants (Full testing using our own wet test rig and repairs)

* Signs & Signals

   (All types of signs including directional, escape & exit, fire extinguisher I.D.

    and all types of photoluminescent signs)

* Door Access  

* CCTV, Aerial Photography & Video We can provide a wide range of CCTV equipment, both analogue and digital.

  Time lapse stills and video are our speciality and we can also offer aerial HD stills and video using a UAS

  We can film up to 4K Video  or 12 Mega Pixel Photographs.

* Fire Training & Practical Use of Equipment

  Many other solutions to fire protection equipment and detection.

  If you have a need,  Isis Fire Ltd have a solution!


Dry Risers:- an example of how they work and are serviced.

This is a typical Dry Riser Installation showing the inlet breech that the fire brigade use to connect their fire engine to.

They can then pump water through the system and connect hoses to any or all of the landing valve outlets situated around the building.

British Standards recommend that these systems should have a Minor and Major Service carried out every year to make sure they are working correctly, not leaking and left ready for use in an emergency.

For the Major service, we use our Godvia fire pump and water tank to test the dry riser system to 12.0 Bar water pressure at the inlet.

We measure the pressure at both the top and bottom of the stack to check for any leaks or failures in the system including the air releif valve etc.

We can then advise the customer on any remedial action required and carry out any repairs necessary.